Jordan is an incomparable trainer who treated me with the utmost patience, sensitivity and good humor. At the outset of my personal sessions he carefully gauged my fitness level ( or lack thereof) through a variety of exercises and set attainable goals. I needed to improve my core muscles even though I did not know what they were. We started slowly, doing exercises that fit my level and gradually increased both the number and variety of exercises. When the inevitable pain began he knew just what to do to alleviate the discomfort. In the past, the pain would have been a signal for me to stop completely, but I worked through it this time. Jordan worked with me for over one year and over that time I have improved my physical conditioning remarkably. He provided me with a series of exercises that I could follow. I only wish that I had started with Jordan years earlier. Anyone who works with Jordan will benefit enormously from his understanding and kind spirit.
Stephen W. (NY, NY)

Stephen W. (NY, NY)
About Stephen W. (NY, NY)

Jordan Forth is a great fitness trainer and overall life coach, who takes a holistic and individualized approach to his client’s fitness. He is a great listener and teacher who can see areas for engagement and drive results, while being an all-around awesome guy. I had the pleasure of working with Jordan from February 2012 – May of 2013. Over the course of that time not only did my fitness improve, but also my body awareness, balance, form and overall mind-set/approach to my fitness. When I met Jordan I was struggling to find a regular fitness routine that I could follow given my hectic work/life schedule, that would engage me given my competitive, results-driven mentality while not leading me to self-injury/over-doing it. Past trainers had latched on to my go-hard approach, which when monitored/over-seen by a trainer would yield results without injury. However, this approach was never sustainable, I would inevitably run into injury and would get discouraged at having to “start over” which would cycle me into a bout of inactivity. From the start Jordan recognized that I would have no problem taking on greater weight or pushing myself with intense cardio, but focused instead on my balance, awareness and form. Furthermore he got me to recognize how/why I was having problems in these areas and to realize that working on this was important in my longer-term goal of finding a sustainable routine. Each session with Jordan wasn’t just a workout but an opportunity to observe, ask, learn and re-tune. He gracefully answered my countless questions and was engaging and knowledgeable referring me to further reading and sources when applicable. I believe that Jordan has given me the tools for life-long fitness and a better lens through which to approach my physical (and mental) wellbeing. The most astonishing part is that he’s done this through listening, gentle nudging in the right direction and nuggets of wisdom from his experience. I tend towards the skeptical and while not outright unreceptive, certainly not the best at listening to my own body, much less someone else’s perspective on it. Jordan was able to show me how to listen to my body and respond meaningfully to achieve improvement and results. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with this guy is lucky. To summarize the above, there are plenty of trainers who know what to do, the trick is to find one who can get you to do it and right. Jordan is that guy. It also helps that he’s a charming, genuinely kind and caring person. Ali H. (NY, NY)

Ali H. (NY, NY)
About Ali H. (NY, NY)

Jordan’s approach to integrated fitness has changed my attitude toward staying fit and eating healthy. The custom workouts he designs are attentive to my individual needs and he is the first trainer with the skills to work deeper to address lifestyle, nutrition and psychological concerns; Jordan is a unique trainer with the ability to influence the whole person. His professional demeanor and warm personality are inspiring to be around. John S. (Brooklyn, NY)

John S. (Brooklyn, NY)
About John S. (Brooklyn, NY)

I was needing to make better lifestyle choices and looking for a class to help guide me in that direction. I began taking Jordan’s Fit Flow class which went a long way to help me shake off the “9-5”. I loved the class and it soon led to attending his CORE and Tai Chi classes, which have helped me tremendously with body mechanics and awareness. All of his classes continually challenge me and I am proud of the progress I’ve made. I would recommend Jordan’s classes and services to anyone who feels the same as I did and who is looking to make positive changes and growth. Angie H. (Brooklyn, NY)

Angie H. (Brooklyn, NY)
About Angie H. (Brooklyn, NY)

Getting ready to work out has always been a struggle for me, but it gets easier and easier as I continue to take classes with Jordan. After the short 6 months I’ve been attending his classes, particularly Fit Flow, I can feel and see the difference. I have more energy. It’s more than a fitness class – it has helped me in everyday activities. Proper posture and core movement have helped relax any tension and stress in my body. I always look forward to the next class and always feel great afterwards! Jeremiah L. (Brooklyn, NY)

Jeremiah L. (Brooklyn, NY)
About Jeremiah L. (Brooklyn, NY)

Jordan is a wonderful teacher; patient, sensitive and enthusiastic. I came to him after two back surgeries and I use a walker. He’s designed a workout routine for me that takes into account my having to stop and rest occasionally and my use of the walker to steady myself. He noticed I was having trouble with the basic Tai Chi moves so he added some Chi Gong exercises that emphasize hip and knee movement. I’m more limber, and upbeat, when I leave his class. He’s done all this for me while teaching other members of the class classic Tai Chi moves. Thanks, Jordan. Jack G. (Great Neck, NY)

Jack G. (Great Neck, NY)
About Jack G. (Great Neck, NY)

I am a professional Ballroom dancer and instructor. I have been dancing for 23 years. I started taking classes from Jordan Forth about 6 months ago and could not be more impressed with his extensive knowledge of teaching techniques and methods of human anatomy. His understanding of the body and ability to make the class not only easy to follow but fun and enjoyable at the same time. By his teaching you can really see love, passion and determination. He has unbelievable knowledge of methods and principles for curriculum and design training, teaching and instruction for groups and individuals. He has wonderful personality and his energy is inspiring and creates a positivity that carries throughout the day. I have learned so much in the past few months understanding my body mechanics, which not only helps me develop my dancing but also his teaching give me lots of different ideas on how to give instructions to my students. I have been taking Jordan’s Tai Chi, FitFlow and Core classes and in each one of them he provides a dynamic that allows me to learn the techniques in the different aspects of each class. His knowledge of each style is impressive and I look forward to continuing my development with him. I recommend Jordan Forth’s classes to anyone who would be interested in improving not only their body but strengthening their mind as well. Karolina S. (Brooklyn, NY)

Karolina S. (Brooklyn, NY)
About Karolina S. (Brooklyn, NY)