A Stronger, Healthier More Mobile You! 

I’m Jordan Forth, a certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist in Kailua Kona. I work with individuals, couples and small groups looking to become stronger and healthier. My goal is to make personal training safe, effective and fun in the least intimidating way possible.

​ My fitness expertise allows me train with a flexible style that can adapt to your individual needs and goals, moving us towards the results you seek.

I offer my training services at a private studio gym in Kailua Kona.


Become Strong, Fit & Mobile

Do you want to move and feel better?

Do you want to gain strength and/or lose weight?

Are you wanting to increase your energy and stamina?

We can accomplish these things. 

We'll begin with an assessment of your current posture, movement, strength and endurance. With that information I build an exercise program based on your goals and needs.


I follow Strong First philosophy. In short, this concept is to get you strong first. Once you are strong, your other physical goals become easier to achieve. Plus, training for these goals is often safer with a strong body.

Sessions available for couples & small groups.



Discover Your Strength Potential

Kettlebells are a favorite of mine.

Come learn to properly train with kettlebells and barbells. They are a fun way to exercise and become stronger.


I follow the StrongFirst, Hardstyle method of training with kettlbells.


We'll begin by assessing your functional movement patterns. Then we’ll train your body’s core and work our way out to the limbs. I’ll teach you the fundamentals first, then progress to more and more challenging lifts.

Come be surprised at how strong you really are and how fun kettlebells can be!


Cultivate Relaxation & Flexibility

Do you need a little more peace in your life?

Are you looking to increase your flexibility or simply relax and breath better?

I teach an approachable yoga for beginners and athletes alike. Here yoga begins with awareness of your breath and body. Connecting to and following your breath is the focus.  


I began practicing yoga 20 years ago to become more flexible. My years of practicing and teaching yoga have helped me realize that I must relax the mind to relax the body.


Learn to Move Well

There is no practice that relaxes my body and centers my mind more profoundly than TaiChi. It's subtle in its effect but powerful in its influence, affecting my perspective and how I choose to view and respond to life and others.


Tai Chi has been shown to help heal and prevent injury as well as improve athletic performance. It does this by enhancing body and movement awareness and by gently moving the body through controled, articulated ranges of motion.

Classes are done as a series. To participant you must comit to the entire series and start at the begining.


Grandmaster William Chen's 60 Movements, a Yang style of TaiChi, is the form that is taught. I also teach Push Hands and basic San Shou.


Reach out if you are interested in seeing if TaiChi will benefit your life, ease your arthritis and/or improve your golf game.

Do more with those you love!

Don't let reasons or excuses keep you from becoming the strongest, fittest, most mobile version of you.

Navigate Life Strong




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