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Jordan takes the time from day one to find out who you are and what goal it is you want to accomplish. Once he has identified your goals, get your water bottle ready and be ready to work!! It’s not a matter of IF you will reach your goal, it is WHEN. I can’t express enough how happy I am with his services, you will NOT be disappointed.

Micah B. Honolulu, HI

Jordan is an excellent conditioning trainer as well as a master tai chi instructor. He’s very easy going, yet also motivating. He is very adept at being able to work around injuries without aggravating, and even healing, them.
I would highly recommend Jordan Forth to anyone looking to improve their conditioning and performance.

Nick K. Kailua Kona, HI

I work out with Jordan when I’m at my second home. He is very fit, knowledgeable in many modalities, passionate, motivational and a dedicated trainer. I love learning about nutrition and exercise but suffer from “information overload” and end up confused. Jordan has helped me sort through this and has designed nutrition guidelines and workouts for me. He has filmed and/or written everything down so I can continue the program when I’m on my own. He has explained how to advance in the program and always encourages me to contact him if I have any questions. I have become stronger, leaner and have gained considerable yardage in my golf game. I highly recommend Jordan!

Debi J. Saratoga, CA

Jordan is an incomparable trainer who treated me with the utmost patience, sensitivity and good humor. I only wish that I had started with Jordan years earlier. Anyone who works with Jordan will benefit enormously from his understanding and kind spirit.

Stephen W. (NY, NY)

Jordan Forth is a great fitness trainer and overall life coach, who takes a holistic and individualized approach to his client’s fitness...Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with this guy is lucky...There are plenty of trainers who know what to do, the trick is to find one who can get you to do it and right. Jordan is that guy. It also helps that he’s a charming, genuinely kind and caring person.

Ali H. (NY, NY)

Jordan’s approach to integrated fitness has changed my attitude toward staying fit and eating healthy. The custom workouts he designs are attentive to my individual needs and he is the first trainer with the skills to work deeper to address lifestyle, nutrition and psychological concerns; Jordan is a unique trainer with the ability to influence the whole person. His professional demeanor and warm personality are inspiring to be around.

John S. Brooklyn, NY

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