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Do you want to move and feel better?

Do you want to gain strength and/or lose weight?

Are you looking to increase your energy and stamina?

Personal & Small Group Training

Become Strong, Fit & Mobile

I offer person and small group strength training out of Big Island Strong, my private studio gym in Kainaliu, on the Kona coast of Hawaii. I have worked with a wide variety of people during my career but tend to work best with older adults and middle age athletes looking to strengthen their bodies while dealing with injuries. 

I follow the StrongFirst's philosophy. In short, this concept is we get you strong first. Once you are stronger, your other physical goals become easier to achieve. You'll also find flexibility and fitness tend to improve as you gain strength. Plus, training for more advanced and specific goals is often safer with a strong body.

We'll begin this process with an assessment and movement evaluation. Then we'll begin to teach your body how to perform fundamental strength training exercises and movements.

Strengthen your body, enhance your life.


Fit senior sporty couple working out tog
Strong Athletic Fit Man in T-shirt and S

Online Personal Training

Remote Strength & Fitness

For those interested in training remotely I use a platform call TrueCoach. TrueCoach delivers the customized programs I build for you through an app you can downloaded onto your phone. You'll also be able access your workouts through your online personal portal right from your computer. Programs include video tutorials.

Packages Include:

  • Monthly workout programming delivered through TrueCoach

  • Monthly coaching call(s)

  • Weekly Program and exercises / lift video review

  • Weekly check-In

  • Unlimited messaging access

Similar to training in-person, to begin this process fill out my online application by clicking on the link below. Once you complete the application a message will pop up with a link to schedule a phone consultation. On that call we'll discuss your goals and determine if working with me is right for you.

We'll then schedule an online assessment where we'll look at your current flexibility, strength and fitness. 


From there I'll build an exercise program based on your goals and current level of conditioning.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching 

Healthy Habits Create Healthy Bodies

Are you struggling with health or weight issues? Have you tried several diets with marginal success only to find you put the weight right back on after each attempt?


I approach nutrition from a habit based perspective using the Precision Nutrition Method. Long story short, our focus will be to first analyze the habits that are undermining your health, examine your mindset around these habits and implement strategies to help you create healthy changes. 

Nutrition Coaching Includes:

  • Nutrition assessment and customized programming 

  • Personalized meal prep guide

  • Monthly Coaching Calls or In-Person Meetings 

  • Weekly food journal review & check-in

  • Unlimited messaging support through Slack

If you're interested in coaching with me, click on the link below and fill out my application.


Once you complete the application a message will pop up with a link to schedule a phone consultation. On that call we'll discuss your goals and determine if working with me is right for you.

Diet Salad
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Discover Your Strength Potential

Learn how to properly train with barbells and kettlebells.


There is nothing more satisfying then learning how to properly lift.


I'm a student of StrongFirst, and the StrongFirst method of kettlebell and barbell training.


We'll begin by assessing your functional movement patterns. Then we’ll train your body’s core to prepare you for the fundamental lifts. Once you master the fundamentals we'll progress to more and more challenging lifts.

Come be surprised at how strong you really!

Tai Chi Chuan

Learn to Move Well, Relaxing the Mind & Body

There is no practice that relaxes my body and centers my mind more profoundly than TaiChi. It's subtle in its effect but powerful in its influence.

Grandmaster William Chen's 60 Movements, a Yang style form of TaiChi is taught. I also teach Push Hands and basic San Shou as a part of the system.

Reach out if you are interested in seeing if TaiChi will benefit your life, ease your arthritis and/or improve your golf game.

Tai Chi_edited.jpg

Would you like to take classes from Tai Chi Grandmaster William CC Chen?

Ashtanga Yoga

Restorative Flow Yoga

Do you need a little more peace in your life?

Are you looking to increase your flexibility or simply relax and breath better?

I teach an approachable Hatha style yoga for beginners and athletes alike. The focus is on connecting with your breath and enhancing your body awareness. 


Private and group sessions are available. On occasion I'll offer classes. If you're interested in scheduling a session or to see if I'm currently offering a class reach out. You can contact me by clicking the button below.

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