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Nutrition Confusion - "Is it calories in VS calories out!?"

Is it just a matter of calories in vs calories out or is it all about the macro nutrients and the quality of the food matter? With so much information out there it can be confusing to the point where you don't know what is healthy or where to begin.

I had a great conversation with a buddy of mine today regarding this topic and here was my reply with a few additional thoughts...⁣ Calories count when you’re looking to regulate weight. Quality and macros count when looking to regulate body fat as well as maintaining satiety. Your blood sugar has an effect on your cravings and the hormones that balance those cravings. It’s hard not to consume if you’re craving!

Here’s are some real life examples...⁣

My girls can pound down a bag of chips no problem but when it comes to eating that same amount of calories in a burger or apple it’s a slower process. A process they may not even finish.

Here’s another example...⁣ My body like to sit between 180 and 185 lbs. If I didn’t lift it would probably sit at 170-175 lbs. For me to put on mass I have to pack in the calories. One of the ways I’ve done this in the past is to add maple syrup to breakfast grains. After pounding down a 3-4 egg omelette and some breakfast sausage I could walk away from the table feeling satiated. Stuffing my face with oatmeal would be nothing shy of torture. However, add a little maple syrup and voila!...instant appetite!

Highly processed food is designed to keep you craving and consuming. Which increases your caloric intake. So, yes, macros and the quality of food matter. 🍩⁣ Like most debates in nutrition and fitness. Generally, there’s not much to debate, despite what a lot of people present. You can go a long way just by mastering the fundamentals.


Do you need help unraveling the mysteries of nutrition science 🤯⁣

I’m taking on a select few nutrition coaching clients. If you’re interested here is a link to the application. Fill it out and we'll schedule a consultation to discover if I can help you. ⁣You don't need to be local. This is a remote services. With nutrition coaching you get:⁣ 👉 Nutrition & lifestyle assessment ⁣ 👉 Customized calorie and macro-nutrient breakdown 👉 Individualized meal prep guide 👉 2 Coaching calls per month ⁣ 👉 Weekly food journal review and check-in 👉 Unlimited message support Don’t let too much information keep you from taking action! 💪🤙

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