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Core Training - A daily ritual just as good as coffee!

Starting your day with a workout is just as good as coffee. (Ok, maybe not Kona coffee!) Seriously, it stimulates the production of numerous hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and testosterone that get you going

It will get your body fired up, prepped to begin whatever endeavor you’re about to perform.

If you’re limited on time one of my favorite things to do is a quick core workout. I’ll often start my morning and my workouts with the simple routine in the video below.

I start with a hollow hold. Pick a duration; 20 seconds to 60 seconds. Then get into position. You’re in control of the intensity. Don’t extend out so far it starts to dump into your low back and hip flexors. The key is to keep it in the abs.

Then hug your knees into your chest, relax and breath.

Follow the hollow hold with a bridge to wake up the glutes and actively stretch the hip flexors. Hold the last one for 10 seconds, squeezing as hard as you can and driving your heels into the floor.

After performing two sets of the hollow hold and bridge, roll over and fire into a plank. Don’t just hang-out, really engage in your plank. Fire the quads, glutes, abs and lats (the big muscles in the back) by pulling your elbows toward your toes and your toes toward your elbows.

Finally, end with yoga sphinx pose then child pose with arms extended.

Repeat this series. This time hold the plank for a longer duration, focusing on pushing the floor away from the body with the elbows and toes.

Try it and tell me what you think!

Do you have a favorite morning exercise routine?

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