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Fitness and nutrition ~ Modern day religion.

I had a great teacher once tell me that if someone says that they know the true and only way...RUN!

This is the thought that comes to mind when I think of fitness, training and nutrition these days. It is the modern day religion.

I find it so fascinating that people will advocate polar extremes and completely discredit others.

“Veganism is the way to go, it is the healthiest diet for the planet and for people.”…

“Paleo is the way to go. Grains and starchy vegetables are why America and the rest of the developed world is fat.”

“HIIT training is the best workout to lose weight.”…

“You have to lift heavy weights if you want to lose weight.”

It’s enough to make your head spin.

So what do you do? How do you find your path?

It all points back to your goal. What do you want? What changes do you want to have take place in your body and/or mind? Keep it simple, taking on one goal at a time. This will help you cut through the noise.

Next ask yourself “why” you want these changes.

It’s important to be clear on the “why” so when times gets tough you have a reason, rooted in passion, to continue.

To get this answer keep asking yourself “why?”...“why do I want this?” Keep asking yourself this question until you find an answer that hits an emotional chord, something deeper than just “because I want to look good” or “I want to be strong.” You want to uncover something personal that you can emotionally invest in so that when you need to dig deep, to grind out that last rep, or find the willpower to avoid that dessert/snack/drink, you’ve got somewhere to go.

Next do your research. Find the workout, diet, training program that supports this goal. If possible, find someone who has done what you’re seeking to do.

Finally, track your progress. There are a lot of programs and diets that claim to do a lot of things and they may have for some people. However, the truth is you don’t know and won’t know how effective it is unless you track progress. So whether you're looking to loose weight, gain mass or lower your inflammation markers find something specific to your goals to track.

Do your research, try things that resonate with or interest you and that are supported by science. Then track your progress and listen to your body.

I hope this is helpful. Please comment below or reach out!

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